Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Trendy Parents Make Me Angry

So, I went to the movies this weekend, and I saw the most horrifying site of my life… Super trendy parents. How can I begin to describe the evil that besieged mine eyes from this bizarro world Mommy club from hell? Pause – I don’t have a problem with wearing trendy clothes sometimes; I don’t have a problem with dressing your kids in cute clothes – Here’s what I have a problem with… 40-somethings spending ridiculous amounts of money to teach their kids that looks and material things matter more than manners and caring for each other. Now, I know what your thinking – just because they’re wearing Abercrombie for kids, and their moms are dressed like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton on two-for-one skank day, doesn’t mean they’re bad people. True, true – this alone does not make them bad people. However, when the kids are running around screaming, knocking over old people and almost getting hit by cars (seriously), and their moms can’t tear themselves away from their cellies long enough to notice until their Ryan Seacrest look-a-like fathers catch them by the color of their Viva La Bam t-shirt – THIS is a problem. When a two year old throws trash everywhere, and then screams at strangers to pick it up – THIS is a problem. I don’t blame the behavior on the baby gap aviator glasses, I just see thousands of dollars going to clothes, when it should be spent on parenting classes and a couple good solid ass-whoopin’ paddles (one for parent, one for child).


Blogger Elaine said...

Oh an ass whoopin goes real well with popped collars and aviator glasses.. don't' knock them deb! Besides.. these are the kids Maddy will be beating up in school. Don't take that away from her! Hee.

1:08 PM

Blogger djmetronome said...

I'm sorry i couldn't hear you. My Louis Vuitton earmuffs with matching hair gel set was blocking that statement. Not to mention, the girl that walked by with the entire gucci ensemble from the 06' spring collection. Oh look a sale on prada's new line of *thwack* (got hit by oncoming traffic)
who am I kidding I'm a total label whore, but I cant afford it...so it doesn't count as much.

2:18 PM

Blogger Debi said...

E - Maddy can take my paddle to school with her. I'll drill some holes in it to cut down on wind resistance.

DJM - I understand poverty and cry for your K-mart wearin' ass. One day you'll find your dream sugar-mama, and then you can leave a fat LV on the forehead of the first unsuspecting old guy that gets in your way, while your chick trips up his walker with her sweet Jimmy Choos.

2:37 PM


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